One-Eighth Theatre and The Drunkard's Wife 


2017- 2019 Resident Company

In Residence: 2017- 2019

New Ohio Theatre and IRT Theater are proud to announce that One-Eighth Theatre and The Drunkard’s Wife will be an Archive Resident from 2017 – 2019.

Since 2007, IRT Theater has served the downtown theater community by providing space, support and community for independent artists through its 3B Development Series. With the arrival of the New Ohio Theatre to the Archive Building in 2011, IRT has been blessed to have both a kindred spirit and philosophical forbearer move in right downstairs.

The Archive Residency offers two select independent theater companies a two year commitment of space, artistic support, and institutional continuity for the development and presentation of a new work. In other words, a home.

The residency includes two separate engagements in IRT’s 3B Development Series and a one-week presentation in New Ohio’s OBIE Award-winning Ice Factory summer festival. The residency culminates in the second year with a fully realized, four-week run in the New Ohio’s main season.

Each company will receive financial, administrative, and artistic support for two years as they develop a new work from inception to World Premiere.



Founded in 2008 by Artistic Directors Daniel Irizarry and Laura Butler Rivera, One-Eighth Theatre, is inspired by Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory – the alluring idea that some things are better left unexplained or open to interpretation. The tip of an iceberg is only one-eighth of what’s there, so much more lies beneath the surface. This idea of abstract possibilities is applied to all things One-Eighth. One-Eighth currently had a four-year long residency at INTAR Theatre. From participating in soloNOVA’s theater festival to performing at IRT, from two Mabou Mines residencies to creating an original piece at Bilkent University with Turkish actors, One-Eighth is constantly pushing theatrical boundaries. Poland, Japan, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Korea, Puerto Rico, New York City—One-Eighth also travels the world offering workshops and ‘breaking the ice,’ sharing their theatrical pieces.

Led by Normandy Sherwood (The National Theater of the United States of America) and Craig Flanagin (God is My Co-Pilot and ½ Japanese) The Drunkard’s Wife is a no-wave mountain music band/theater troupe from Brooklyn. Their original works often incorporate raucous, no-wave inflected music and a generous, maximalist design sense. Their plays and spectacles have been seen at Rubulad (Tiny Hornets) Brick Theater (Permanent Caterpillar), New Ohio Theatre (Feather Gatherers), as well as block parties and bars and parades all over New York City. Their 2013 album, I Saw the Evil One, is available here:

This partnership between New Ohio and IRT will further establish the West Village’s Archive Building as one of the premier destinations for the development and presentation of NYC’s best and brightest theater makers.

The Archive Residency is by invitation only. The best way for us to get to know your work and for you to get to know our work is to be a part of IRT’s 3B Development Series and/or New Ohio’s Ice Factory and/or invite us to see productions of your work.