Zack Fine


March 21 & 22 2015


DATES: March 21 & 22, cialis 2015
PRICE:$75 deposit, sickness $125 on day one in cash/check
Please wear comfortable clothing

Includes a complimentary ticket to Manifest Destiny (March 5-21 @ IRT)

Where did all your fun go? Well, you grew up, moved to the BIG CITY and got really serious. Wanna undo all of that? Or some of that? Rediscover your play? Find your fun again? Come face to face with your biggest fear and your greatest joy? Make a big mess and not clean it up? Then come to Clown Class! It’s your chance to discover (or re-discover) your unique relationship to the comic world. What’s fun and funny about YOU!?! What makes YOU so different from everyone else!?! You. That’s what. You, yeah YOU. So come on out of that foxhole and play; flex the muscles of the Clown. It’s a bear hunt – a courageously ridiculous and relentless pursuit of your playful abandon. A vision quest and hero’s journey demanding us to share our heart-opening vulnerability, lurking ever so close to the surface but all covered up by our grown-up-ed-ness. Remember your fun? Your real fun, when you laughed harder and longer than you were supposed to? It’s so close and yet it may feel like it’s took up residency in another galaxy, but in fact it might just sneak up on you if you let it. This workshop will help you do just that!

The exercises are built from the work of Master Teachers Philippe Gaulier, Aitor Bausuri of Spymonkey fame and the pedagogy of Christopher Bayes (Head of Physical Acting, Yale School of Drama), all spiced up with Zack’s own brand of haha and wahwah thrown in for good measure and special seasoning. Zachary has been officially “trained and released” by Christopher Bayes, and has been encouraged to spread the ruckus all over the world and beyond. This class is for students both new and old to the work of the Clown. It is designed for artists who are looking to enliven their relationship to all forms of performance. The Clown is where it all begins. It is a place to start. A very good place to start. The first step into a world of discovery. So what are YOU waiting for? Let’s get started. Yeah, YOU!