Seth Gore


Dec. 2, March 23 & May 4 8-10pm


For the interest of protecting the health and well-being of our artists and our patrons the workshop in March and May is cancelled.

December 2, 2019 8-10pm
March 23, 2020 8-10pm
May 4, 2020 8-10pm
PRICE: MIN. $25- Pay-What-You-Can
At IRT:154 Christopher st. NYC #3B (third floor)

CEUs are available to those who are interested (0.2 CEUs). CEUs are made available and sponsored by NYC Metro RID.

Do you wonder how and why Deaf signers look so fluent? What makes hearing interpreters look hearing? What makes native signers so fluent, expressive and clear? What makes some ASL masters so good at being concise yet still being informative? How can a signer use classifiers more efficiently and precisely? Do you want to radically improve your use of classifiers in ASL?

Unlearning Words is an experimental workshop aimed to benefit interpreters who wish to improve their expressive ASL style and informational conveying to a radical level. This workshop is also aimed to benefit Deaf individuals who learned ASL at a later period in life or had been taught a communication system or an “englishified” version, rather than the actual language.  An interplay between lecture and interactive dialogue, Seth Gore’s work aims to convey his deliberation on the topic of sign language expression, exploring the origins of words, their purpose and the effect they have on the processes of expression.

Seth Gore hopes to use this workshop as a spring board for interpreters and signers to unlock their true signing potential. He believes that, with the right guidance and thinking, all people can discover ASL’s inherent efficiency and emotional fluency. ASL is truly efficient and can be expressed with a stunning clarity if used properly. However what is taught out there is frequently inefficient and contrasts with the actual organic and native learning that occurs among Deaf people.

An overwhelming majority of existing ASL interpretation and general ASL programs out there rely on words — English words and signed words — and the resulting signed expression becomes limited by such reliance. This reliance is exposed in the workshop and does go into depth how even some classifiers and signs are made in the spirit of spoken words. This reliance is heavily restrictive and makes hearing signers look more “hearing”. Seth Gore also, in the workshop, guides you on how words are actually a result of the physicality of the speech-making organs, the tongue, the mouth, the voice box, and the lungs. He will show you how words are surrogative in sign language and how you can recognize the underlying patterns that restrict your thinking, your expression, your interpretation. After this workshop, you will unlearn words and begin truly using your hands in a capacity you thought never possible. 

Seth is a Deaf native signer from a rich culturally Deaf heritage.  He is also an actor, teacher, performer, poet, ASL Coach and experienced lecturer.  Seth has worked with many interpreters, hearing signers and new Deaf signers alike.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council, New York State Council on the Arts, and The Nancy Quinn Fund, a project of ART-NY.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales final.

***IRT is a fully wheelchair-accessible facility.***