G45 Productions


July 19-29 2018


IN RESIDENCE: July 17-30, 2018

In this year’s expanded Lightbulb Reading Series, eight young playwrights will collaborate with G45 Productions to develop their own new works over the course of a two week residency at IRT.

The eight playwrights will refine their scripts, develop their voices, and expand their sense of storytelling and collaboration skills in workshops with actors and artistic consultants from the G45 ensemble. These workshops will culminate in readings open to the public at IRT.

This is the first year the Reading Series has hosted eight playwrights some of whom have collaborated with G45 previously, and some of which are completely new. Their pieces are all at very different stages of development, but every single one is thought provoking, incisive and utterly unique.

Thurs July 19th@ 7 pm: Little Lives
Friday July 20th @ 8 pm: Manger
Saturday July 21st @ 8 pm: Happy Birthday Mars Rover
Sunday July 22nd @ 2:30 pm : Manger 
Sunday July 22nd @ 8 pm: Happy Birthday Mars Rover 

Monday July 23rd @ 7pm: Little Lives
Wednesday July 25th @ 7pm : Body Project/Exalted/Blood
Thursday July 26th @ 7pm : Body Project/Exalted/Blood 
Friday July 27th @ 8pm: The Technicians
Saturday July 28th @ 8 pm: Puppy Dog Blues
Sunday July 29th @ 2:30 pm: The Technicians
Sunday July 29th @ 8 pm: Puppy Dog Blues
PRICE: Suggested Donation $5.00
At IRT:154 Christopher st. NYC #3B (third floor)

This year’s Lightbulb plays are listed below:
Puppy Dog Blues by Jake Anderson
Two dogs escape from their master, and a girl runs away from home. Their chance meeting in the middle of the forest forces us to confront how we tell our own stories, justify our pasts, and move forward.

Body Project by Charlotte Durkee
The Body Project is an interview based theater installation piece that explores the human relationship with one’s body using projections mapped to body molds made from the interviewees.

Happy Birthday Mars Rover by Preston Choi
The Mars Rover was engineered to do two things: search for life on the surface of Mars, and for some reason sing Happy Birthday. Tracking humanity’s ceaseless search for understanding and preservation Happy Birthday Mars Rover offers a kaleidoscope of Earth’s history from the dawn of humanity, through the present, and into the unknowable future trying to answer the eternal questions: What does it mean to be alive? Is there life in outer space? and does it like cake?

Little Lives by Shara Feit
At the Women’s Care Crisis Pregnancy Center, the new trainee is learning the ropes, the protestors are stationed outside, and the abortion clinic next door is selling damnation. Then, everything changes. In Shara Feit’s two-part drama little lives two staffs of women must reckon with the cost of fighting to protect life.

Exalted by Madison Fiedler
A man paints a naked woman, as he often does; a naked woman sits perfectly still on a man’s bed, her life in pieces, well-paid. They are strangers, and silent, and they are at war. Exalted is a new play by Madison Fiedler about the politics and power of nudity.

Manger by Max Friedlich
On a cold winter night, in a bar upstate, the lives of four strangers are torn apart in ways they could’ve never imagined. Some will find God and the others will lose everything as a result.

The Technicians by Justine Gelfman
Jae and Phoebe meet in a nail salon. They are eight, but their friendship is intense and immediate. The girls grow up together, despite different friend groups, families and financial situations. But when a secret arrangement is revealed, the girls must grapple with privilege, pinky promises, keeping them, breaking them, breaking nails, and breaking up.

Blood by Yael Haskal
When Lindy is called upon to donate blood to a local pastor and pillar of the community, she and her phlebotomist face the ultimate question: “Does blood really run deep?”

About G45:
G45 Productions is an artistic collective made up of 20 young artists based out of New York City. This marks the 3rd year of the Lightbulb Festival at IRT. G45 brings members together to produce diverse, actor-driven theatrical works. Their mainstage productions include Cloud 9 by Carol Churchill at Theater Lab (2017), Where We’re Born by Lucy Thurber at the Flea Theater (2016), and How I Learned to Drive at the Tank (2015).

You can find more info bout them at their website g45productions.com , on Instagram at g45productions, or on Twitter @g45productions.

You can also check out this profile of their work in American Theatre Magazine: CLICK HERE

IRT Theater is a grassroots laboratory for independent theater and performance in New York City, providing space and support to a new generation of artists. Tucked away in the old Archive Building in Greenwich Village,  IRT’s mission is to build a community of emerging and established artists by creating a home for the development and presentation of new work. Some of the artists we have supported include Young Jean Lee, Reggie Watts and Mike Daisey.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council, New York State Council on the Arts, and The Nancy Quinn Fund, a project of ART-NY.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales final and there is no late seating at IRT Theater.
***IRT is a fully wheelchair-accessible facility.***